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Natural resource management Biosecurity Emergency response
South East Local Land Services Part of your community
Natural resource management Sustainable use of our land and water
Biosecurity Working together to protect primary industries, the economy, the environment and our community
Advisory services Reliable professional advice supporting agricultural production and management of natural resources
Emergency response Timely coordinated action on pests and diseases and natural disasters like flood, fire and drought

South East

Spanning coastal shores and alpine areas, our region is known for its dairy, sheep and beef cattle farming, as well as wines.

Map of South EastLLS Region


  • Publication

    For South East Local Land Services, 2014 was a year of establishment, with the executive and Local Board working closely with land managers to deliver services in our core functions of biosecurity, productive agriculture, natural resource management and emergency management.

    Download: Annual Report 2014

  • Expressions of Interest

    South East Local Land Service is seeking to contract the services of two suitably qualified and experienced pest animal controllers to undertake baiting, trapping and shooting control activities with a priority focus on effective wild dog management.

    Download: Information for Applicants

  • Publication

    Key achievements from Local Land Services' first year of operation are outlined in a publication that highlights statewide results as well as case studies from the 11 regions.

  • Animal Disease

    Pestivirus (bovine viral diarrhoea virus) is a viral disease that causes reproductive failure in breeding herds and ill-thrift and mortality in young cattle and can lead to significant production losses. This can be avoided using Pestigard®, an effective vaccination that can be easily integrated into your management program.

  • Native Vegetation

    Four online tools are available to help landholders determine whether their clearing activities require approval.

  • Email Newsletter

    South East Circular, our monthly email newsletter, contains up-to-date information about our many services, biosecurity alerts, technical articles, event notices, training and funding opportunities. It also highlights land management partnerships, projects and programs across our region. You can subscribe to South East Circular by going to:

  • Get involved

    South East LLS Open is an on-line engagement hub created for you to provide feedback to us on proposals, plans and projects. We encourage you to participate to help us shape how local services are delivered.