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Feral Fighters

Together we can make a difference

Invasive species have no place in our landscape. The ability and responsibility to manage feral animals rest with every land manager.

About Feral Fighters

Feral Fighters is an initiative to strategically target pest animals at a regional and state scale through strategic, coordinated group baiting control programs.

Feral Fighters is an initiative born out of the Jerrawa Creek Landcare and Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups’ Feral Fox Fighters. South East Local Land Services, with support from these groups, has expanded the program to a much larger scale.

Since its inception in 2015, Feral Fighters has significantly improved group participation in fox and wild dog control programs across the South East region.

In 2017, for the first time, Feral Fighters will expand its target species to include rabbits. Feral Fighters will encourage land managers to coordinate integrated rabbit control programs to boost the effectiveness of the new RHDV K5 virus.

Why become a Feral Fighter?

By joining the Feral Fighters campaign and becoming a Feral Fighter you are making a commitment to your neighbours, community, local industries and the environment. You will be a local champion for effective invasive species management.

Feral management requires commitment and a collaborative approach. Group control programs have proven to reduce feral populations over broad areas with more sustainable outcomes.

What support will I receive?

By registering to become a Feral Fighter you will receive:

  • The first 40 1080 baits free during the autumn 2018 campaign (this includes meat, CPE capsules and manufactured 1080 baits).
  • Access to free RHVD K5 for group participants.
  • Up to date information and support from South East Local Land Services.

Participants will be charged a small fee to complete the training. Upon successful completion your accreditation will be valid for five years.

What are the benefits?

Land Managers who register to become a Feral Fighter will participate in strategic control programs.

By working with your neighbours and local networks to support Feral Fighters, you will achieve better results for you and your neighbours, community, local industries and the environment.

What are the requirements to become a Feral Fighter?

Any land manager can become a Feral Fighter. By doing so, you are making a commitment to providing support to strategically manage feral animals.

There are several control options for foxes and wild dogs. The Feral Fighters 2017 fox and wild dog campaign will be undertaken using 1080 poisoned baits. Access to 1080 baits is restricted.

There are minimum requirements including accreditation and distance restrictions for 1080 fox and dog baiting. Please contact your nearest South East Local Land Services office for further information.

What is the role of Local Land Services?

Local Land Services is a Feral Fighter and will:

  • Contribute staff resources and coordinate training, baiting and other essential services required to enable the Feral Fighters program.
  • Promote Feral Fighters in the media.

For further information contact your nearest Local Land Services office.