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Grazing permits

Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) are parcels of Crown land reserved for travelling stock use.  Local Land Services manages TSRs in NSW and issues grazing and apiary permits for TSRs under certain circumstances.

South East Local Land Services is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) for TSR grazing permits. These permits are available from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 with the possibility of a twelve month extension to 30 June 2018 (subject to suitable conditions).

EOIs may be submitted up to close of business on Tuesday, 7 June 2016.


Part A - TSR EOI information PDF, 95.65 KB

Part A - TSR EOI information DOCX, 86.16 KB

Part B - TSR EOI Statement of Requirement PDF, 93.73 KB

Part B - TSR EOI Statement of Requirement DOCX, 91.04 KB

Part C - TSR EOI Response Form DOCX, 101.67 KB

For more information contact 1300 795 299, email

The reserves available for grazing permits are listed below:


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TSR Name Reserve Number
Turkey Hill R1025328
Eedy's New R60989
Chain Of Ponds R1002428
Heffernan's R36968
Gunning Junction R1001823
Berrebanglo R17811
Narrawa Hall R45882
Water Works R1002391
Warroo R11480
Illalong R34440
Sugarloaf R1002481
Lamb's R21545
Davis No. 1 R44587
Humes Creek R59606
Coolalie R28593
McInerney's R13228
Rifle Range R17412
Bowning R45628
Mullion R10886
Tinkers Creek R72159
White Flag R1002004
Lyell's R1002410
Grabben Gullen R28043
Hughstonia Tank R35042
Merryville R1002172


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TSR Name Reserve Number
Bala R1002534
Geegullalong Tank R2453
Castles Creek R2223 & R2320
Bennett Springs R50174
Hovells Creek R43988
Hawk Hill R49996
Riversley R85874
Illyria R1001964
Bees Nest Reserve R48727
Stoney Creek R676
Narrallen R70105
Langs Creek R201
Dryburgh R54902
Reids Flat R55383
Gooroma R434


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TSR Name Reserve Number
Collector R1002133
Big Hill R17430
Gurrundah R89984
Nummel R45515
Norwood R 50


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TSR Name Reserve Number
2 Mile R27682
6 Mile B'wd R40427
6 Mile Flat R40425
Black Flat R10843
Brooks Hill R11134
Burra R68102
Charleyong R1002047
Jerrabatgulla R22585
Chinnerys R37799
Doughboy R1001815
Duck Flat (1) R9691
Duck Flat (2) R9691
Emu Flat R1002147
Gib R65081
Gidleigh R51045
Googong R1001945
Jinden R1002442
Lagoon R53403
Larbert R57528
Mayfield No R Number
Mulloon R68371
O'Keefes Lge R41161
Rossi R2407
Royalla R1002533
Schofields R1002475
Sweeneys R64793
Reedy Creek East R1001869


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Please contact the Cooma office on 64521122 for the location of Cooma Saleyard, Slacks Creek East or Slacks Creek West as these TSR are not shown on the map.
TSR Name Reserve Number
Nimmo R1002462
Round Plain R21717
Snowy Golbys R1002449
Ingebyra R22200
Northam R306
13 Mile Berridale R46664
Yaouk R21233
Queensgallery R1002454
Slacks Creek East R316
Slacks Creek West R316
Pine Flat R59726
Old Trucking Yards R54948
Chakola R316
Gungoandra R1002419
Tolbar R51236
Kybeyan R906
Kydra R782
Thistletons R63535
4 Mile Nimmitabel R41381
Dog Kannell Creek R14875
Dariymans Plain R67096
Boggy Plain R86225
Polo Flat R83469
Rushes Creek R18
Alum Creek R744
Coolrington R50989
Cobbin R49776
Wire Yards R49610
Adaminaby Town R82815
Beloko R71023
Greylands R67098
Adaminaby Cemetery No Number
18 mile Berridale R896
Lockers Creek R90706
8 Mile Bobundara RD R41166
15 Mile Bobundara Rd R16
Grosses Plain R922
Jindabyne Saleyards R91216
Bridlesdale R90079
Tozers R83274
Springs R82875
Snowy Plains R737
Dalgety R51622
Black Flat East R33425
Black Flat West R33425
13 Mile Nimmitabell R66
Snowy Golby's R641
Adaminaby Saleyards R90706
Moonbah R645
Rocky Plain R60505
Anembo R35506
Saleyard R63


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TSR Name Reserve Number
Yellow Water Hole R1002426
Beresford R1002424
Top Beresford R1002424
Mila R37299
Nivens R870
Walkers R18052
Ando R48193
Round Hill R1002409
McLaughlan River R49588
Gunningrah R19475
Avon Lake R36990
Common R71039
Peadons R24115
Redgate R44417
Jincumbilly R25401
Bukalong R70942
McKays Bush R55487
McKays River R55487
Little Plain R42416
Bibbenluke Bridge  
Native Dog R1002423
Craigie R51865
Kirkenong/Delegate River R373
8 Mile R2182
Saucy Creek R49319
Black lake R72403
Nimmitabel Meatworks R132
Church Creek - Tip R50039
Church Creek R50039


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TSR Name Reserve Number
Brennans N/A
Kanoona R68300
Stoney Creek R676
Kemps Lane, Kameruka R96377