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Blakney Creek riparian grants program 2018

South East Local Land Services has a 5 year program with the NSW Environmental Trust to improve water quality and the long term viability of the waterways in the Blakney Creek catchment. Grants of up to $25 000 will be available for projects on Blakney Creek or any of its tributaries.

Eligible Projects

Creation of riparian buffers

Vegetation in riparian areas protect creeks from erosion and pollution by slowing water, trapping sediment and allowing more water absorption. Strategically managed grazing in these buffer zones can ensure a high level of groundcover to protect the soil and also promote biodiversity at the ground, midstory and canopy levels.

Projects may incorporate one or more of the following activities:

  • Fencing riparian areas to manage grazing and allow natural regeneration of trees shrubs and grasses.
  • Fencing riparian areas and planting native vegetation.
  • Alternative stock water where paddocks are divided.

Protecting dams

Dams are one of the most important assets on a farm; they are not only used by stock but also native wildlife such as frogs and turtles. Establishing good, diverse groundcover and water plants in the filter zone will protect the dam from pollutants and sediment that can enter and reduce water quality.

Only properties that include Blakney creek are eligible for farm dam projects. Projects may incorporate one or more of the following activities:

  • Fencing one side of an existing dam and planting it with native groundcovers, shrubs and aquatic plants.
  • The establishment of a new dam within 500m of Blakney Creek, partially fencing and establishing vegetation in the new dam.

Erosion control projects

Erosion is one of the greatest threats to our waterways, dumping sediment into creeks and undermining natural systems, it creates serious long term resource management issues.

Projects may incorporate one or more of the following activities:

  • Fencing riparian areas or erosion gullies that feed directly into a creek and planting native vegetation to allow rehabilitation.
  • Erosion control works in creeks or erosion gullies (fencing and establishing native vegetation is a requirement for all erosion control projects).

Eligibility to apply

To be eligible for this project you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Own property on Blakney creek or any named or unnamed creek that feeds into Blakney Creek.
  2. Must have completed all previous works funded by South East Local Land Services and Catchment Management Authority.
  3. Must not have any outstanding debts to South East Local Land Services.
  4. Must be willing to enter an agreement with South East Local Land Services for 10 years.

Further information and how to apply

To find out more about this program and discuss potential projects for your property contact Kate Mosbey or Melissa Henry at the Boorowa Local Land Services office on:

Expressions of interest for this program will be open until 31 March 2018 or until funding is allocated.

To apply complete the EOI form and send it along with a copy of your rates notice to PO Box 49 Boorowa NSW 2586 or or drop it into the Boorowa LLS office 4-6 Market St. Boorowa NSW.