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Managing Coastal Wetlands

South East LLS has Australian Government biodiversity funding available to support landholders in priority areas to undertake works on coastal wetlands including salt marsh, mangroves, riparian areas, coastal floodplains, swamps, lakes and estuarine areas.

Funding can be used to manage and protect coastal wetlands including:

  • fencing to control stock and unauthorised recreational access
  • off-stream stock watering points
  • removal and control of weeds including blackberry, sharp rush, arrowhead, invasive vine species such as madeira vine, and Japanese honey suckle
  • feral animal control including fox, rabbit, deer, goat and pig
  • removal of barriers to flow such as removal or modification of floodgates and/or crossings
  • revegetation to maintain and connect vegetation buffers, address erosion or improve habitat.

For further information and to apply please contact:

Kirsti Sampson, South East LLS, Batemans Bay on 02 4475 1004 or email