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Southern Highlands Prograze group


7th Aug 2018


Southern Highlands


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Do you want more profitable and sustainable grazing systems?

The key to achieving this is developing skills in pasture and animal assessment. Producers can do this through PROGRAZE®.

PROGRAZE® is based on established proven principles of pasture and livestock production. PROGRAZE® is designed to help producers:

  • develop skills in pasture and animal assessment
  • use these skills to improve the productivity and sustainability of grazing systems.

PROGRAZE® will help you to:

  • visually assess pasture quality and quantity
  • understand how pasture quality and quantity impact on animal production
  • assess livestock fat scores
  • use pasture and livestock assessments to match pastures to livestock requirements
  • use pasture assessment to make supplementary feeding decisions
  • use grazing management to help control worms
  • use grazing management to improve the productivity and sustainability of your pastures.

Course delivery

PROGRAZE® is presented to individual groups via a series of 8 half-day workshops. Workshops are generally held 4 - 6 weeks apart.

The course uses a hands-on approach, with the days being conducted on group member’s farms with a strong in-paddock approach.

Discussions with other producers and practical sessions are combined for an effective learning experience.

Workshops will be presented by:

  • Matthew Lieschke
    Senior Land Services Officer – Livestock
    South East Local Land Services
  • Fiona Leech
    Senior Land Services Officer – Pastures
    South East Local Land Services

Course fee

PROGRAZE® is available to producers in the South East Local Land Services region for a fee of $440 (including GST) per farm business.