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Southern tablelands community advisory group up and running

The southern tablelands community advisory group is now up and running to provide advice to the South East Local Land Services Board on productive agriculture, plant and animal biosecurity, emergency management and natural resource management.

The seven members of the community advisory group who live, work and operate on the southern tablelands are:  Tony Morrison, Nerida Cullen, Keith Hyde, Garry Kadwell, Wessell Van Keulen, Skye Ward and David Weir.

The advisory group's first meeting was held recently at Goulburn.  It provided an opportunity for members to get to know each other, agree on the terms of reference and discuss the process for their involvement in the broader Local Land Services business.

Group members are still in the early stages of developing their roles and functions, and building a framework for good communication with the South East Local Board.

South East Local Land Services Chair, David Mitchell said he is pleased to have the group in place as it is an important part of Local Land Services' business.

"The group will play a pivotal role in how South East Local Land Services can work more effectively," Mr Mitchell said.

"It will provide input and advice to the South East Local Board on local issues and priorities that have been brought forward by members of their communities and industries."

The southern tablelands community advisory group will meet three to four times each year, as required.  Appointments are for a period of 12 months.

South East Local Land Services has appointed a total of 22 members from local communities across the south east region to its four community advisory groups.

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