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Stock management in dry times at Bookham

Doug Painting of “Deepwater”, Bookham believes keeping soil stable and maintaining ground-cover are two of the most important issues for the local region.

That’s why, when South East Local Land Services was offering landholders incentives to better manage their pastures through drought, Doug put his hand up to be involved.

“I could see the benefit in not flogging paddocks through dry times,” he said.

“Pastures recover quicker if you maintain a good level of groundcover.”

With project funding assistance from Local Land Services, Doug attended Stockplan training, run by Phil Graham from the NSW Department of Primary Industries.  He then designed and built a stock confinement area to allow him to confine feed stock through dry periods, reducing the pressure on his grazing paddocks.

Stock confinement areas also reduce the risk of soil and nutrient loss through erosion of bare paddocks during drought.

Doug was particularly interested in an innovative trough system, which he learned about while at Stockplan training.

The system was designed for feedlots in Western Australia and involves using 150 mm PVC pipe cut open, rather than troughs. This system reduces the surface area of the water vulnerable to dust pollution.  It also minimises the amount of water wasted when the system requires flushing.  Both are issues of concern during a dry period.

“It has totally changed my idea of troughs,” Doug said.

South East Local Land Services has run several projects which included funding for stock confinement areas, as part of an overall commitment to profitable, productive and sustainable primary industries.

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