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Wild dogs the target for Kybeyan group bait

Wild dogs are never far from Michael Green’s mind. Michael, who runs grazing enterprises in the Kybeyan and Cooma areas, knows all too well the devastation they can cause.

“Wild dogs are consistently a big issue for producers in the area” Michael said.

“There’s so much country around here, so much good habitat for them, and they can do a lot of damage. It’s gut wrenching stuff, particularly at a time like this.”

Michael is the local champion for the East Monaro/Central South Coast Wild Dog Management Group’s baiting activity in the Kybeyan area.

“We need to be vigilant and we need to work together to cover as much territory as we can, that’s the only way we’re going to have any meaningful impact.”

Group control is considered the best way to reduce the impact of pest animals like wild dogs on a landscape scale. This round of baiting is another phase in the group’s ongoing efforts to minimise the impact of wild dogs on land managers and producers in the area.

The group is supported by South East Local Land Services, who coordinate the preparation and delivery of baits and also provide the training required for producers to be able to set the baits on their properties.

“There are 31 producers and land managers involved in this campaign today, which is really encouraging, their properties cover over 23,000Ha” said Luke Pope, South East Local Land Services Local Manager for the Monaro.

“We’re here to provide support to producers and public land managers to help them tackle dogs, foxes and other pests.

“We do this in a number of ways, but today’s exciting program celebrates the work done by private land managers tying in with the work on public land.

The group baiting activity will complement the recent aerial baiting campaign, carried out by Local Land Services and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, which delivered over 5,000 baits across the Monaro and Far South Coast areas.

There are over 30 organised baiting groups on the Monaro and Far South Coast.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880