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Celebrating 25 years of Landcare

A muster for Landcare networks and partners in the South East Local Land Services region has marked 25 years of Landcare during the annual Landcare week celebrations.

Sixteen Landcare networks, representing over 300 groups from the south east region and ACT gathered at Braidwood to mark the occasion and plan for future collaboration with Local Land Services and other partners.

South East Local Land Services Regional Landcare Facilitator, Peter Pigott said Landcare partnerships have delivered wonderful community, environmental and sustainable agriculture outcomes over the past 25 years.

"The muster provided an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on what has been achieved, and to look to the next 25 years and how Landcare can continue to thrive," Mr Pigott said.

"Over 40 participants worked together to define what makes a partnership work well.

"We know that sometimes it is best to work with others to achieve a common goal but we learned that it is critical for each partner to be clear on what they bring to the relationship.

"Several new collaborations emerged as a result of the muster.

"With Australian Government Landcare grants to be announced shortly, Landcare networks in the South East are well placed to make the most of these funding opportunities," Mr Pigott said.

This joint South East Local Land Services and Landcare event was funded through the Australian Department of Agriculture.

Media contact:          Peter Pigott   0429 928 038