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Kangaloon seasonal update

A beautiful setting and good weather provided the perfect backdrop last week for a seasonal update forum organised by South East Local Land Services at "Thistlebrae", East Kangaloon.

The event was well attended by land managers and producers from across the Southern Highlands.

South East Local Land Services Livestock Officer, Matt Lieschke said South East Local Land Services organises a number of seasonal updates around the region and attendees have indicated they find these events very useful.

"Land managers and producers appreciate hearing first-hand from livestock health and pasture management specialists in an on-farm format," Mr Lieschke said.

At the Kangaloon forum District Veterinarian Bill Johnson provided an update on livestock problems and diseases to be wary of at this time of year, including bloat, pulpy kidney and liver fluke.

He highlighted the importance of closely observing stock for signs of bloat, especially in paddocks with a high clover percentage, and outlined several preventative measures including licks, blocks and bloat oils. He also described some techniques that could be used in emergency situations.

Fireweed was the focus for discussions. Agronomist, Luke Pope discussed seasonal pasture management and weed control issues in spring. He emphasised the importance of using a variety of methods to manage fireweed including grazing strategies, upgrading pastures and appropriate herbicide applications.

A brief legume health check was conducted in the paddock to assess if clover was fixing nitrogen effectively. Luke Pope said now is the perfect time to dig up clover plants and check to ensure legumes are fixing nitrogen.

"From what I have seen, in many cases root 'nodulation' of our clover species is very poor and is costing producers money," he said.

"One of the common reasons for this is a lack of the essential trace element molybdenum." 

Teys Australia local livestock buyer, Nathan Gair discussed cattle marketing options for small and large cattle producers. He outlined the benefits in registering with meat Standards Australia and gave examples of the specifications of age and live weight he looks for. 

A seasonal update is planned for autumn. 

For further information please contact:

Matt Lieschke (Goulburn) (02) 4828 6760 or 

Geoff O'Connor (Moss Vale) (02) 4861 9010