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Prograze training for Southern Highlands

Getting the most out of pastures and livestock and understanding soil and land capability will be the focus of a forthcoming Prograze® training course to be conducted in the Southern Highlands by South East Local Land Services, in conjunction with the Sydney Catchment Authority and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

South East Local Land Services Livestock Officer, Matthew Lieschke said the Prograze® course is designed to assist producers to develop their skills in pasture and animal assessment.

"These skills lead to informed grazing decision and are the key to improving the productivity and profitability of grazing systems," Mr Lieschke said.

"Local Land Services is encouraging land managers and producers to enrol in this practical program which commences in August and is presented via a series of eight half-day workshops held four to six weeks apart. The course is delivered 'on farm' and involves group discussions, farm walks and hands-on demonstrations."

The program will cover:

  • assessing pasture quality and quantity
  • understanding how pasture quality and quantity impact on animal production;
  • assessing livestock fat scores
  • using pasture and livestock assessments to match pastures to livestock requirements
  • using grazing management to improve the productivity and sustainability of pastures
  • using fodder budgeting to make the best use of pastures and fodder crops
  • using pasture assessment to make supplementary feeding decisions.

Prograze® is available to produces in the South East Local Land Services region for a fee of $200 per farm business. Two or more members from each farm business may participate for this fee. The course is subsidised by Local Land Services and the Sydney Catchment Authority and would normally cost $670.

To register, please contact Matthew Lieschke, Livestock Officer, South East Local Land Services on 02 4828 6760 or email