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Native flora is blooming

Local landholders Terry and Jill McGovern are delighted with the diversity of native flora that has re-established along their creek at Manton, near Yass following project works to fence off a degraded gully to allow regrowth and prevent further erosion.

The McGoverns have been participating in South East Local Land Services' Ecosystems Restoration and Recovery Project (ERRP). The project, with funding from the Australian Government, provides assistance to landholders to fence areas of native vegetation and control stock access.

South East Local Land Services project officer, Rebecca Widdows said ERRP has focused on improving the health of White Box-Yellow Box-Blakeley's Red Gum Grassy Woodlands.

"This species was formerly widespread in the Yass area," Rebecca said.

"It is now listed as an Endangered Ecological Community. Less than 5% of this vegetation community remains in good condition.

"Projects such as ERRP help to protect and provide valuable connections between areas of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (as it is commonly referred to)."

The McGoverns are passionate and committed to effectively managing their property's natural resources. 

When they first purchased their property they sought advice from Local Land Services and they were also active in their local Landcare group, Yass Landcare. They heard about ERRP through Yass Landcare.

The McGoverns said ERRP activities have helped them to achieve their vision for their property. "Our long term goal is to leave the place in much better shape," Terry said.

"The planting we have undertaken has increased the mix of tree and shrub species and maximised the amount of habitat available for small birds. We are now seeing a lot of tree seedlings growing on the site."

Jill said since stock pressure had been removed from the site it has been very exciting to see the return of 27 groundcover species.

"Along the way I have increased my botanical knowledge and taken many photographs of forbs," Jill said. 

"I am so delighted with the results of this project. I can't put it any other way." 

For more information about natural resource management projects, please contact Rebecca Widdows at South East Local Land Services, Yass on 02 6118 7706 or email


Media contact: Rebecca Widdows 0429 153 522 or 02 6118 7706