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New signs for Travelling Stock Reserves

Over the next two months new signs will be installed on Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) across the south east region. 

Travelling Stock Reserves are Crown land that is reserved under legislation to provide pasture for travelling and grazing stock. They have been an integral part of Australian rural life for 200 years as they provide supplementary grazing in times of drought, bushfire or flood.

Local Land Services is responsible for the administration of TSRs.

Biosecurity Officer, Ben Serafin said South East Local Land Services manages 6,531 hectares of these reserves in the NSW south east region.

"There are 63 TSRs totalling approximately 1,100 hectares in the Yass district," Mr Serafin said.

"TSRs are also valuable because they are used for public recreation, apiary and conservation.

They retain important remnants of biologically diverse native vegetation. Many reserves in the Yass district support significant stands of box gum woodlands which are considered endangered ecological communities.

"Local Land Services is installing the signage to increase local community awareness of TSRs and their uses. The signs will specify the reserve name and number and will display contact details if members of the public wish to find out more information about a reserve and its use," Mr Serafin said.

For further information about TSRs please contact South East Local Land Services, Yass on 02 6118 7712


Media contacts:

Ben Serafin
Biosecurity Officer
South East Local Land Services
Telephone: 02 6118 7712

Debra Thompson
Senior Land Services Officer (Communications)
South East Local Land Services
Telephone: 02 4224 9707