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Time to think about pig trapping

With the arrival of autumn, South East Local Land Services is prompting local land managers to be on the lookout for feral pig activity.

Feral pigs are a common problem in the district. They are a declared pest in NSW, and under the Local Land Services Act 2013 all land managers have an obligation to control this species on their land.

South East Local Land Services, Senior Biosecurity Officer Phil McGrath said feral pigs impact soils, crops, fencing, livestock, native vegetation and endangered wildlife.

"They are a known vector for the spread of invasive weeds," Mr McGrath said.

"Feral pigs carry and transmit serious zoonotic diseases (transferable from animals to humans), including leptospirosis and swine brucellosis.

"South East Local Land Services has staff and resources available to support individual land managers and groups of adjoining land managers who would like to work cooperatively to manage feral pig populations.

"Coordinated group control programs are encouraged as they have proven to reduce feral populations over broad areas with more sustainable outcomes.

"The use of traps can be extremely effective in reducing feral pig populations, with the potential for multiple animals to be caught in one trap. Traps can be moved to make use of opportunities when pig activity is detected in any one area.

"South East Local Land Services has traps available for hire and can provide training and assistance to determine the best placement of these traps.

"It is a priority for South East Local Land Services to reduce feral pig numbers in the area," Mr McGrath said.

For further information and advice on feral pig management please contact South East Local Land Services, Braidwood on 02 4842 2594, or contact Phil McGrath, Senior Biosecurity Officer on 02 4842 2536 if you detect feral pig activity on your property.


Rebecca Bradley
Senior Land Services Officer
South East Local Land Services
Telephone:  02 4842 2594

Debra Thompson
Senior Land Services Officer (Communications)
South East Local Land Services
Telephone: 02 4224 9707