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Weed control in winter crops guide now available

The 2016 Weed control in winter crops guide is now available from South East Local Land Services.  The free publication, produced by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is a very useful up-to-date information source for farmers to determine appropriate herbicide choice for various weed issues occurring in winter crops.

Good weed control management in winter crops is a vital part of successful and profitable crop production. Yield losses caused by weeds can vary enormously from being almost negligible to a complete loss.

Weeds lower crop yields by competing for soil moisture, nutrients, space and light and can carry diseases which attack crops. This competition reduces grain yield and quality, and can impede harvesting.

Some weeds can restrict cropping options as herbicides for control are sometimes limited. Thoroughly investigate which weed species are likely to germinate in a paddock before sowing crops with limited herbicide control options.

Weed control is a numbers game.  Growers should aim to reduce numbers and keep them low with an ongoing program. An integrated weed management system combining all the available methods is the key to successful control of weeds.

Following is a snapshot of the information contained in the guide:

  • Charts describing the cereal growth stages used to determine appropriate spraying times
  • Rainfastness, stock withholding periods and harvest withholding periods for herbicides
  • Water quality for herbicide application
  • Using adjuvants, surfactants and oils with herbicides
  • Tips for tank mixing of herbicides
  • Directory of herbicide manufacturers
  • Cleaning and decontaminating boomsprays
  • Boomspray calibration
  • Strategies for reducing herbicide spray drift
  • Tips on nozzle selection
  • Herbicide tables – the various herbicide options for use in all winter growing crops.
  • Herbicide resistance management
  • Charts indicating varietal and crop sensitivity to herbicides
  • Winter crop herbicide/insecticide compatibilities
  • Fungicide/herbicide compatibility chart
  • Cereal foliar fungicides currently registered in 2016.

The 2016 Weed control in winter crops guide is also available on the NSW DPI website at:

You can also obtain a copy from your nearest South East Local Land Services office or have it mailed to you by contacting 1300 795 299.


Media contact: Debra Thompson (02 4224 9707)