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Yowaka River bank stabilisation works completed

Significant bank stabilisation works to reduce erosion and improve river health have recently been completed on the Yowaka River along Nethercote Road, south of Pambula. The works have included 30 metres of bank protection works located at the popular fishing spot just off the Princes Highway.

South East Local Land Services project officer Shannon Brennan said the bank along this stretch of the river was being undercut from erosion processes, limited riverbank vegetation cover and high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

“There was a risk that large remnant eucalypt trees would fall into the water taking a section of bank with them if nothing was done to stabilise the riverbank and resolve the erosion,” Ms Brennan said.

“Also, during each flood or heavy rain event, ongoing riverbank erosion was increasing sediment loads into the river. This sediment impacts on the overall health of the river and water quality.

“Rocks were placed along the bank face by Jason Sirl Excavations using an excavator. These rock works were underlain with geotextile fabric to contain soil and further strengthen the bank.

Completion of the work was complex as there were optic fibre cables in the area and the close proximity of the site to the road meant there was a limited area in which to work.

“The rock protection works will shortly be complemented with native plantings along 400 metres of river bank adjacent to Nethercote Road. These plantings will assist overall stability and improve habitat for fish and other aquatic animals.

“Access to the river has been maintained for recreational fishers,” Ms Brennan said.

The project is funded through Local Land Services’ Pambula River Catchment Rehabilitation Project and Bega Valley Shire Council.