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Bank stabilisation works installed at Pambula Lake

New bank stabilisation works have recently been completed along 150m of shoreline at Pambula Lake.

Funded through the Pambula River Rehabilitation Project and Sapphire Coast Wilderness Oyster’s ‘Cultivating a sustainable future for the Sapphire Coast oyster industry‘ project, the work has been carried out in partnership with Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council, National Parks, Crown Lands and local oyster farmers.

Eden LALC Work Crew installing coir logs on the bank edge

Areas of bank erosion were identified by local oyster growers on Pambula Lake downstream of the Yowaka and Pambula River junction. The erosion included undercutting of banks that was exacerbated in sections exposed to wave impacts from boat wash, wind and where mangrove cover was minimal.

Low key rehabilitation works were trialled along these reaches through this project to prevent further damage to the fragile banks and vegetation communities. The Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council Work Crew worked alongside Dan Morgan, Aboriginal Community Support Officer with South East Local Land Services to undertake the work.

“This is an important project which will ensure that bank stability and biodiversity values are retained along Pambula Lake” said Dan.

The works included installation of coir logs (constructed of biodegradable coconut fibre) placed along the toe of the bank adjacent to highly erodible sections and pegged in place using hardwood stakes to provide protection to the toe. They were woven around tree roots and tucked into the bank edge.

Juncus kraussi, a naturally occurring salt tolerant species, will be planted behind these logs over coming weeks to provide further vegetative stabilisation. Mangrove seeds will also be planted in December when seeds can be collected from local plants along the lake edge.”

The intent is that the coir logs will provide short term protection (two-three years) allowing the native vegetation to establish, providing longer-term protection.

For further information on this project please contact Shannon Brennan, South East Local Land Services on (02) 6491 7823.


Media Contact: Shannon Brennan, 6491 7823, South East Local Land Services Senior Land Services Officer