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Bird survey workshops reap rewards of prior efforts

Thirty enthusiastic local people participated in the recent bird survey workshops at Bodalla and Congo Creek last week. The workshops focused on the important habitat that has been provided by 15 years’ worth of Landcare rehabilitation works.

Peter Gow, from South East Local Land Services, organised the event.

“Conservation and restoration work really is about the long term pay off, so it was great to be able to revisit the Landcare sites after so many years and see that the restoration works were providing great habitat for so many bird species” said Peter.

Bird specialist, Julie Morgan, from the Eurobodalla Natural History Society guided the workshops and provided training in how to undertake bird surveys. Many of the birds were identified by their calls as they were hiding high up in the tree canopy and difficult to see. There are now Apps available to play bird calls from your mobile phone which will help with bird call identification.

At Bodalla hundreds of native trees had been planted by the Tuross Lakes Preservation Group along the riverbanks to stabilise the eroding riverbank and provide habitat for native birds and wildlife.

23 species of bird were found to be present on the day including eastern spinebill, Lewin’s honeyeater, white-eared honeyeater, grey butcherbird, and silvereye.

One unusual stocky bodied bird was identified as a Nankeen night heron which feeds on insects, crustaceans and fish along the shallow river’s edge mainly at night.

The second site on Congo Creek was an area which became overrun by Bitou bush but has been restored successfully thanks to the efforts of the Congo Dunecare group in the 1990’s.

The site was found to be a haven for many bird species including the greater egret, little pied cormorant, white faced heron and white-bellied sea-eagle. In the distance offshore albatross were seen flying low over the waves.

To find out how you can get involved in restoration works or to talk to someone about restoring your property contact South East Local Land Services on 6491 7800.


Media contact: Peter Gow 0477 351 353, Land Services Officer South East Local Land Services