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Community cooperation making a difference

Invasive species have no place in our landscape. Feral Fighters is an initiative to strategically target pest animals at a regional and state scale through strategic, coordinated baiting and control programs.

Register as a Feral Fighter now to attend one of our free vertebrate pest control induction training sessions and join with your neighbours and local community to reduce the impact of feral animals on the environment and local industry.

Proposed course dates for the Palerang area are April 4 and May 4 2017.

The course provides you with information to make informed decisions on pest animal management on your property. It provides facts regarding the use of poisons and alternative pest animal control methods.

The course runs for approximately three hours. On completion, you will receive an accreditation which will allow you to use poisons registered for pest animal control. This accreditation lasts for five years.

Since its inception in 2015, Feral Fighters has significantly improved group participation in fox and wild dog control programs across the South East region. Group control programs have proven to reduce feral populations over broad areas. This year, the program has expanded its target species to include rabbits.

Registering to become a Feral Fighter will provide you access to a range of benefits including free training, the provision of your first 40 1080 baits for free along with up-to-date information and support from South East Local Land Services.

By joining the Feral Fighters program, you can make a commitment to your neighbours, community, local industries and the environment. You can be a local champion for effective invasive species management.

Any land manager can become a Feral Fighter.  Register now for the Feral Fighters 2017 autumn fox and wild dog offensive. For more information, call 02 4842 2594.


Media Contact: Phil McGrath, 0427 006 344, Senior Biosecurity Officer South East Local Land Services