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Help for South Coast livestock owners to develop farm biosecurity plans

All livestock producers, including those who sell through saleyards and abattoirs, will need to have a biosecurity plan for their farms in place from October 1 this year as part of their Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program accreditation.

A biosecurity plan records how livestock producers protect their farm and livestock from diseases and pests, and how they ensure the welfare of their animals.

A valid and up-to-date farm biosecurity plan is important for the security and viability of all farm enterprises.

South East Local Land Services is running a series of information sessions in Berry and Milton to help producers develop a plan for their properties. These short sessions introduce producers to the concept of a biosecurity plan and provide them with a template for meeting their obligation.

“There are no wrong answers to the questions in the template,” District Veterinarian Steve Whittaker explained.

“If you were able to answer ‘Yes’ to all questions, it would be world’s best practice, but few enterprises are able to run with that level of biosecurity.

“Producers find they are already doing most of the things required for good farm biosecurity, so they should not feel anxious about this plan. There may be other things in the plan which they would like to implement, and these information sessions will help them to make those changes.

“Biosecurity and animal welfare are increasingly important considerations in livestock trade. Any publicity so far has mainly been about cattle.

“I doubt many sheep and goat producers yet realise they also require a farm biosecurity plan.”

Biosecurity plan information sessions will be held in Berry and Milton and will feature a representative from MLA’s Integrity Systems Company to help explain the new LPA requirements.

Berry – Berry Community Church (Graham Park Bull Farm) Thursday 31 August 1pm – 3:30pm

Milton – CWA Hall Friday 1 September 10am – 12:30pm

Further information contact Local Land Services office on 02 6464 6020.


Media contact: Dave Michael, 0418 513 880, South East Local Land Services Marketing and Communications Coordinator