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Invasive weed spotted on the Monaro

Orange hawkweed field day – Rocky Plain – 27 February

In response to the discovery of the highly invasive Orange hawkweed on grazing land in the Monaro region late last year, South East Local Land Services is hosting a field day for landholders at Rocky Plain fire shed on 27 February. Monaro landholders are encouraged to be on the lookout for the weed as it continues to flower during the warmer months.

Hawkweed poses a significant risk to both farmland and conservation areas with modelling work suggesting a potential impact area of up to 27 million hectares of land across Southern Australia. Conservative estimates also indicate that primary production losses of around $48 million are possible if the weed becomes widely established (NSW Hawkweed Strategy 2012).

“The aggressive nature of hawkweed means that it can easily compete with both introduced and native pastures, so it can spread very quickly. Examples from New Zealand, where it now dominates more than 500,000ha of grasslands on the south island, show us that complacency could be costly,” said Jo Powells, Senior Agricultural Advisor Local Land Services.

Starting at 9:30am and finishing at 12:00pm, the session will include talks from several hawkweed specialists including:

  • Dr Stephen Johnson – Weed Ecologist, NSW DPI
  • Dr Pete Turner – Senior Weeds Officer, NPWS
  • Jo Caldwell - Project Research Officer Hawkweed Control, NPWS
  • Charlie McPhie – Vegetation Management Officer, SMRC.

Topics covered include:

  • how landholders can identify Orange hawkweed
  • what to do if hawkweed is suspected
  • the impact hawkweed has had in other countries
  • why hawkweed poses a threat to the Monaro
  • an update on the current eradication efforts for these weeds in NSW and beyond.

All Monaro landholders and other interested parties are being encouraged to attend this field day to help increase the awareness of this weed across the Monaro, promoting early detection and allowing swift action to take place if/when future hawkweed plants are found.

To register and for further information, please contact South East Local Land Services Cooma on 02 6452 1455 or


MEDIA CONTACT: Luke Pope, 6452 1455 Local Land Services Cooma Local Area Manager