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Save our scarlet robin

The scarlet robin (Petroica boodang) is a small, insectivorous woodland bird whose male population sports a bright red breast and a white cap. Many are lucky enough to still see them around paddocks and homesteads they visit in the cooler months, however they are a species in serious decline. It has been determined by the NSW Scientific Committee that the scarlet robin is facing a high risk of extinction in New South Wales in the medium-term future.

South East Local Land Services is calling on local land managers to get involved in the ‘Save Our Scarlet Robin’ project. The project is funded by the NSW Government via its Environmental Trust and will run for ten years (2016-2026) providing a great opportunity to make real inroads into securing the future of the scarlet robin in the South East.

South East Local Land Services’ Felicity Sturgiss states that “the involvement of the community is vital to the recovery and long term security of the threatened woodland birds in our region. By becoming more aware of the needs of the birds we can work to improve the quality of their habitat, the loss of which is the largest threat they face.”

“We work with land managers by looking at the whole-farm and designing a plan that secures the long term integration of native flora and fauna values with long-term farm productivity goals, and then take steps to work toward those goals. It’s often easier to achieve that you think” Felicity said.

“Re-vegetating creek-lines and putting in some ‘stepping stone’ native vegetation patches in the paddocks not only provides an important refuge for threatened woodland birds, but also controls erosion, cleans the water, provides shade and shelter to livestock, pollen to the bees and insects, as well as gives an all-round increase in property value and amenity.”

Save Our Scarlet Robin land manager grants are available in the Braidwood, Burra, Michelago, Bredbo and Delegate areas. Funding up to $10,000 per property is available for successful applicants on signing a 10-year management agreement. All funding is to be matched with input from the landholder in either cash or in-kind contributions.

Please contact Felicity Sturgiss at South East Local Land Services to discuss these options and any other questions, enquiries or input on 48422594 or email Felicity. Expressions of interest for Round 2 close on August 31, 2017.


Media contact: Felicity Sturgiss, 0427 072 763 0400 409 689, South East Local Land Services