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Autumn control program to target foxes

The Local Land Services Feral Fighters 2018 autumn fox campaign will run from 13-14 March to the end of May and will involve members of the Boorowa Community Landcare group and other members of the local Feral Fighters network.

The campaign will target foxes in the Boorowa area as part of a coordinated landscape scale baiting program with the aim of reducing the fox population and the impacts of fox activity in the area.

South East Local Land Services Senior Biosecurity Officer, Scott Schlunke said foxes pose significant biosecurity risks to primary industries, local communities and the environment.

“Managing pest animals is not just something for producers, we need all rural land managers to be aware that they have a responsibility to manage pests on their properties, and that LLS is here to help them.” Scott said.

The Feral Fighters program, funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, now has over 2,000 members throughout the South East and brings local communities and neighbours together for strategic, coordinated and targeted campaigns at key times of the year like autumn and spring.

Coordinated group programs have proven to reduce fox numbers over broad areas with more sustainable outcomes.

“Land manager participation will be critical to the success of the Feral Fighters program and the autumn offensive.” Scott said.

Local Land Services will provide Feral Fighters campaign participants with free 1080/Pindone training, and the first 40 baits will be provided free of charge during the autumn and spring baiting programs.

This training is a legal requirement for people wanting to use chemicals to control foxes. Other control methods will also be discussed at the training.

For more information and to become a Feral Fighter, please contact Local Land Services on 02 6118 7700 or visit

What’s on:

March 13 and 14: Feral Fighters - Boorowa Community Fox Baiting Program conducted by South East Local Land Services. 1080 baits will be distributed to land managers at various drop-off locations for the autumn program. To order baits call Scott Schlunke on 0407 489 574 or email


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880