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Dry conditions discussed at Delegate

50 land managers gathered at John Turner’s ‘Weewalla’ property near Delegate on Friday to discuss the current dry conditions, get an updated seasonal outlook and hear about management options for the coming months.

Event organisers, Local Land Services, were represented by Monaro Local Manager Luke Pope, Senior Agriculture Advisor Jo Powells and District Veterinarian Petrea Wait. Doug Alcock, GrazPhophet Consulting and Matt Hallam from Landmark, also spoke on the day.

“Conditions aren’t great, so it is important that land managers know what their options are, have the right information to make informed decisions and know who they can go to for advice” said Luke.

Talk on the day covered the seasonal outlook, pasture conditions, livestock fat scores, feeding supplements, what to feed and how much, what feed is available on the market as well as animal health and welfare.

“There was a positive mood among the group, despite the shape of the outlook presented. Land managers will have some tough decisions to make over the coming months.

“Thanks to John for hosting us, while I’m sure we’d all like to get together under better circumstances, it was great to get so many people along so we could share information and get as broad a picture as possible of the current situation” said Luke.

Local Land Services is encouraging the group to get together again, in six weeks’ time, to check in for another update and hear more about fine tuning feed and practical feeding.

Keep an eye on the South East Local Land Services website for more details, or call the local office in Cooma on 02 6452 1455.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880