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Community coming together to manage impact of wild dogs

South East Local Land Services is working with local community based Feral Fighter groups to manage the impacts of wild dogs in the Goulburn and Upper Lachlan areas.

South East Wild Dog Coordinator Tim Shepherd has been working with the 13 wild dog management groups across the South East to review existing wild dog plans and chart a course for the future.

“We’ve been talking with the wild dog groups over the last few months to see how we can improve our processes around managing the impacts of wild dogs in our communities” Tim said.

“Each group faces unique challenges because every area is different, there are different production and environmental factors.

“We’re currently working on a review of the Southern Highlands wild dog plan, this involves engaging with the bigger public land managers like the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Forestry Corporation and affected land managers in the area.

“We’re working together to improve our approach, provide support for on ground activity and access to lands to do reactive work.

“That has been a focus of this latest review and I think we are making some good progress there”.

Peter Davies (Taralga) is a local Feral Fighter champion, he has been involved in group pest animal control for 18 years and understands the value of working as a community.

“We learnt a long time ago that to manage the impacts of wild dogs and foxes that you need to get as many of your neighbours involved as possible, public and private owners alike” Peter said.

“Dogs and foxes don’t care about fences or who owns what, that’s why we need to take collective ownership of the issue so hopefully we can have a clearer commitment from some of our neighbours out of this process”.

The biosecurity team, led by Senior Biosecurity Officer Matthew McNaughton, work with the local champions from local Feral Fighter groups to help coordinate group baiting campaigns across local areas.

“The local champions, like Peter, are really key to the process, through their efforts we are able to involve more properties and get that landscape scale coverage that we’re after” said Matthew.

As well as the coordinated strategic group control programs the Local Land Services team also has contract Pest Animal Controllers available to respond to suspected wild dog incidents in the area.

“We encourage any land manager who observes any sightings, sounds or suspicions of wild dog activity to get in touch with the biosecurity team at LLS so we can come out and investigate.”

“We also encourage owners of domestic dogs, especially those in peri-urban areas, to keep their dogs restrained so they don’t harass livestock or take a bait that has been laid as part of a campaign.”

To report any sightings, sounds or suspicions of wild dog activity or to find out about your nearest Feral Fighter community group contact the biosecurity team at the Goulburn Local Land Services office on (02) 4824 1900.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880