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Local community come together to plan next phase of wild dog control

Members of the local community gathered in Delegate on recently to sign off on the 2019 -2024 Corrowong/Tombong/Merriangaah Wild Dog/Fox Management Plan.

The Plan review process identified community participation and support as a key to the Plan’s success and calls for the widespread adoption and use of the Feralscan app by private land managers and government agencies to help track wild dog movements and plan control actions.

Local land manager Robert Ingram has advocated the uptake of Feralscan.

“The adoption and uptake of the Feralscan app is already greatly enhancing the information available to land managers. This allows us to proactively manage how we go about implementing the plan, using the best information and tools available.” Robert said.

The updating of the plan has been facilitated by South East Local Land Services Wild Dog Coordinator Tim Shepherd and includes ongoing commitments from land managers, private forestry companies, South East Local Land Services and NSW Parks and Wildlife Service.

“This is a great step for the Corrowong/Tombong/Merriangaah wild dog/fox management group” said Tim.

“It was encouraging to see how many members of the community wanted to participate not only in the process of updating the plan, but in managing wild dogs on an ongoing basis.

“Community participation and coordination is essential to effective wild dog management, so to have 75 land managers signed up is fantastic.”

Dingos are culturally and spiritually important to Aboriginal people. The update to the Corrowong/Tombong/Merriangaah Plan also represents the first time that the views of Aboriginal community of South East NSW have been incorporated into the development of a Wild Dog Management Plan.

“This is an important piece in our plans that has been missing in the past” said Tim.

The first action to come from the updated plan will be a coordinated group baiting program commencing in May.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880