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Palerang producers invited to participate in Prograze course

Ross Kuchel and Nathan Owens from Foxlow

On the back of a difficult year and with expected tough seasonal conditions ahead South East Local Land Services is encouraging producers in the Palerang area to get involved in the upcoming Prograze training course.

Prograze is an industry-leading, research-based training course, developing skills in monitoring pastures and managing grazing.

This includes achieving both sustainable and profitable outcomes, through pasture budgeting and making decisions to manage difficult seasons, matching pastures and supplementary feed to livestock requirements.

Local grazing property “Foxlow Station” is looking forward to participating, with manager Ross Kuchel nominating fellow staff member Nathan Owens to complete the course.

“I’m keen to gain knowledge on various pastures, what they have to offer to stock, and what feed quality and quantity I have on offer.” Nathan said.

A greater understanding of these factors will benefit the operations at Foxlow as it will help them to better manage on ground feed, understand stock management and plan feed allocations on farm.

Foxlow has agreed to host the first session, but the course is also open to enterprises of any size or scale, including those who keep livestock as a second income or “hobby”.

The course runs over 8 workshops, generally held 4 - 6 weeks apart, and is hands-on, conducted on group member’s farms with on-paddock activities. The local course will be delivered on Friday afternoons, with the aim of attracting both full-time and part-time farmers from the local area.

The course costs $400.00 (plus GST) per farm business, two or more members from a farm business may participate. Please contact Helen Smith at the Braidwood Local Land Services Office on 02 4842 2594 or email if you are interested in participating in Prograze training.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880