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Stock on the road in the Upper Lachlan and Goulburn areas

Stock on the road in the Boorowa district

South East Local Land Services is issuing a public awareness announcement regarding traveling stock in the Upper Lachlan and Goulburn district over the next two to three months.

Senior Biosecurity Officer Matt McNaughton is encouraging land managers and drivers to slow down and use caution when approaching the mob.

“There will be a mob of about 650 cattle coming through the district over the next two to three months," Matt said.

“Starting from Saturday 9 or Sunday 10 November the mob will be grazing around the Narrawa, Wheeo and Biala areas then moving on to Gurrundah, Bannister, Pomeroy and Parkesbourne".

“The cattle will enter the area on the Boorowa Road and will be traveling along Wheeo Road, Sapphire Road, Biala Road, Grabben Gullen Road, Gurrundah Road, Bannister Lane, Storriers Lane, Range Road, Lambs Lane, Pomeroy Road, Gurrundah Road, Merilla Lane, Henry Parkes Road, Wesley Road, Church Hall Road, School House Lane, Breadalbane Road, Church Hall Road, Parkesbourne Road, Gap Road, Gurrundah Road and Bannister Lane".

Multiple ‘Cattle ahead’ road signs will be posted on the roads within 5 km either side of the traveling stock as they move through the district.

Exact dates of stock movement along individual stretches of road and throughout the district are difficult to forecast and will be subject to local conditions so drivers are encouraged to keep an eye out for signage and approach the mob with caution.

Land managers or members of the community can contact Matt McNaughton, Senior Biosecurity Officer, on 02 4824 1900 with any questions.


Media contact: Dave Michael, South East Local Land Services, 0418 513 880