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Changes to bromoxynil label for fireweed control

August 2018

Hayden Kingston

Bromoxynil is the active ingredient in a number of herbicides commonly used for fireweed control in pastures. Several years ago the withholding period for many bromoxynil herbicide products was increased from two weeks to eight weeks after a review of residue data in crops was undertaken. This increased withholding period has been difficult to manage in grazing systems.

Nufarm has recently reviewed and changed the usage rates and withholding period for their Bromicide 200 Selective Herbicide when controlling fireweed in pastures. The new label recommendation for fireweed is to control fireweed at the seedling stage at a rate of 1.5 l/ha with a withholding period of 14 days.

At this stage Nufarm Bromicide 200 Selective Herbicide is the only bromoxynil product with this recommendation and other products still have the withholding period of 8 weeks.

For controlling more mature fireweed plants there is a permit (Permit Number PER12105) to allow the use of a tank mix of 1.5 l/ha of bromoxynil (200 g/l bromoxynil) PLUS 1.5 l/ha of 2,4-D amine (625 g/l 2,4-D amine). If Nufarm Bromicide 200 Selective Herbicide is used in this mix the withholding period would be reduced to 14 days.

Remember to always read the label – users of agricultural (or veterinary) chemical products must always read and comply with conditions on the label and any Permit before using the product.

Grazing strategies, pasture improvement and strategic herbicide should be used in combination to develop an integrated weed management program for long term management and control of fireweed.

To find out more about integrated weed management contact your nearest Local Land Services office or visit our website.