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Community encouraged to report feral deer

December 2018

A new website has been launched for people to report feral deer in their local area. DeerScan is a new community resource for mapping and reporting sightings of feral deer and damage they are causing.

DeerScan has been developed in response to rising concerns from farmers, landholder groups and the community about feral deer impacts. There are six deer species in NSW (including fallow, sambar, red, chital, rusa and hog deer).

Recent surveys show that their numbers are increasing, and problems associated with deer are also rising. Anyone can use the DeerScan website to report sightings or problems caused by feral deer. Information you record will be available to Biosecurity Officers in the South East Local Land Services, and will be managed discretely.

DeerScan is part of the broader FeralScan community resource for mapping and monitoring invasive pests. To report feral deer, simply visit or download the FeralScan App (Download Apple and Android).