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Pest Levy Funding

December 2018

Ken Garner, Manager Delivery Support

Prior to 2018 funds collected via the NSW Government’s Pest Levy, applied to your Local Land Services rates notice, was set aside to be used in the event of a locust plague. The fund has now matured to a point where there is more than enough funds to cover two years of locust management.

This means that the extra funds are available this year to be used to manage pests other than locusts.

In the South East there is an additional $329,000 in grants available. Grants of between $10,000 and $100,000 will be offered to incorporated groups who can demonstrate that they have the capacity to manage priority pests, as defined by the South East Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan, in their local area.

All applications will be assessed by a review panel against a set criteria which will be outlined in the Pest Fund Guidelines.

To get a copy of the Guidelines or if you have any questions about the grant process please contact me at