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Yuin Djama Dhugan (speak of country)

December 2018

Yuin Djama Dhugan ( Speak of Country) is an immersive story-telling project utilising 360 video technology that brings together Aboriginal community groups in the Shoalhaven region to tell locally significant cultural stories. South East Local Lands Aboriginal Support Officers have partnered with NSW Office of Environment and Heritages’ Heritage Near Me project to collaborate the stories, produce the videos and train young Aboriginal people in 360 image production.

The project will provide a platform for the cultural stories to be shared with the wider community and allow young Aboriginal people to develop new skills for an emerging industry. The short films provide opportunities to the wider community to learn about and engage with the Aboriginal cultural stories of their region.

South East Aboriginal Community Support Officer Noel Webster echoed the importance for the project, saying “It is important because it will engage the community in cross-cultural learning, utilse new technologies to tell important stories and allow the wider community to learn about cultural stories and the significance of these to local Aboriginal people”.

When it is finished, short immersive videos will be available to share the culture of the region, the skills learned by the younger participant’s enables communities to continue to tell, store and share important stories.