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Response to the Tathra fire

March 2018

The Far South Coast local team was last week involved in emergency management efforts related to the Tathra fire.

The local team was on the ground from Sunday afternoon and throughout the week carrying out animal health evacuations and assessments, distributing donated food, as well as organising water and shelter for animals impacted by the fire.

We also had team members at the Evacuation and Emergency Operation Centres providing information and advice to the community.

You can read more about the team’s efforts here, here, here and here.

Emergency management is one of the core responsibilities for Local Land Services. We are a key link in the promotion of resilience to emergencies.

We work with relevant agencies and local government as an all agency response.  We provide useful information and advice to land managers about property planning, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) for an emergency.

We are also the boots on the ground when it matters. In an emergency we assess animals at risk and if required rescue, evacuate and care for the animals.

We participate in the supply and distribution of emergency fodder, water and other materials and humane destruction of stock affected by disease or natural disaster.

Key staff are also involved in damage assessment activities with regard to rural holdings.

You can find out more about our role in emergency management on our website.