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Support during drought

May 2018

Conditions across the South East have been a cause for concern for some time now. Many land managers are having to make tough decisions about the management of their businesses as the dry stretch continues.

Our teams of Agricultural Advisors and District Veterinarians have been on the ground providing support and advice to land managers about supplementary feeding and animal health.

We’ve run Livestock Feeding information sessions in Delegate, Primrose Valley, Peelwood, Narrawa, Bigga, Gunning, Frogmore, Candelo and Cooma as required by local conditions.

We have more Livestock Feeding information sessions planned for:

We will continue to respond to the needs of land managers by providing seasonal updates and livestock management workshops if conditions across the region don’t improve.

We encourage any land managers who are doing it tough to have a look at the NSW Drought Hub. The Drought Hub is the central location for information on the vast range of services and support available to primary producers, their families and communities to help prepare for and manage drought conditions.

The Drought Hub has a dedicated Wellbeing section which contains information about the Rural Resilience Program and the Rural Resilience Team, the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program and a range of other telephone and online counseling services that are available to you.

Drought is a particularly stressful time, so it is important that you take the time to look after your wellbeing so you can make good, well-informed decisions.


Approximately half the state is in drought or conditions fast approaching drought. Some of the worst hit areas are the Hunter, Central Tablelands, Central West and in the Far West of the state.