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Partners and neighbours discuss deer management in the South East

June 2019

Kylie Challen, Biosecurity Coordinator

Camera trap - deer near Kiah

Last month I wrote about members of the South East Biosecurity team broadening their knowledge on deer management by attending NSW Department of Primary Industries' (DPI) Deer Master Class held in Jindabyne.

To keep the momentum going, South East Local Land Services (SE LLS) held a Deer Roundtable in May. The session was attended by representatives from the Victorian government, ACT government, NSW DPI, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Water NSW, NSW Forestry Corporation, NSW Farmers Association and the NSW Games Licensing Unit.

Here in the SE LLS region we share borders with the ACT and Victoria, the region is also comprised of approximately 35% public land – land managed by other NSW state government agencies. So we have a lot of land managers, public and private, with shared borders, and shared interests in managing invasive species.

By hosting this event, we are supporting a nil tenure approach to deer management. We look forward to continuing the conversations with our partners and neighbours to ensure the best outcomes for our communities.

To find out more about how deer are being managed in your local area please contact the biosecurity team at your nearest SE LLS office.

A reminder about Deer management:

Did you know that in November 2018, the NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit suspended some of the rules for hunting wild deer so land managers could manage abundant herds more effectively?

If you were not aware of this, and would like more information, please visit or contact the NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit Customer Service Team (phone: 02 6363 7650 email: ).