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Animal Health Updates

South East Local Land Services' team of district vets prepare an Animal Health Update for producers each month.

We encourage all livestock producers to take a look at the updates and welcome any feedback you may have.

As always contact your local district veterinarian with any animal health or welfare questions.


October 2019 - Local disease watch, anthrax vaccination, support available for producers with animal welfare concerns, animal health advice for grazing brassicas and grass staggers.

September 2019 - Local disease watch, Yass Brucellosis ovis surveillance project, Selenium deficiency in cattle and sheep in the South East and 1080 and protecting your dog.

August 2019 - Local disease watch, managing cows from calving to joining, managing calf scours and mycoplasma ovis.

July 2019 - Local disease watch, making the tough decisions and worms in alpacas and goats.

June 2019 - Winter conditions special, Animal health pointers for winter and Animal health benefits of shelter belts.

May 2019 - Local disease watch, take advantage of winter for integrated parasite management, say no to swill and RAM.

March/April 2019 - welcome to Mark Doyle, Local Disease Watch, NLIS Requirements, Risk factors, treatment and prevention for pinkeye disease in cattle, Oxolate poisoning - plant toxicity.

January/February 2019 - featuring: Local disease watch, Beware of lead poisoning in cattle and bushfire preparedness.


December 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch, toxic summer weeds, pulpy kidney and fly strike tools.

November 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch, worm watch, cattle lice and beware of giving livestock unusual feed.

October 2018 - featuring: Welcome Evelyn Walker, Local disease watch, Preparing for calf marking, Neospora caninum abortion - are kangaroos the culprit? and worm monthly update.

September 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch, Metabolic conditions in sheep during drought, Barbervax - a useful weapon in the war on worms, Bioworma and Infectious Keratonconjunctivitis - 'Pinkeye' in sheep.

August 2018 - featuring: Goulburn welcomes new DV, Local disease watch, Transporting drough affected stock, have you heard about NAMP? and TSEs: get paid for a brain and help maintain our export industry

June/July 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch and Warning against swill feeding

May 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch, Bovine respiratory disease and Condition scoring cattle and sheep

April 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch and worm control in horses - part 2

March 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch and information on Johne's disease transmission for sheep and beef cattle producers in the South East.

February 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch, Botulism in the South East, Worm control in horses - it's all changed and Hairy panic.


December 2017/January 2018 - featuring: Local disease watch,  Toxic plants harming livestock, Lead poisoning in cattle and vaccination - the devil is in the detail.

November 2017 - featuring: Local disease watch, Pale, weak lambs? It's not always Barber's pole worms, Cattle health considerations during dry times and Liver fluke, what you need to know.

September/October 2017 - featuring: Local disease watch, biosecurity plans, animal welfare in dry times, castration complications, survey participants required and sheep lice.

August 2017 - featuring: Vibrio, what you need to know to protect your cattle, Theileriosis on the coast, Bulls in beef herds are cattle too - don't forget them, Pregnancy toxaemia, ReproActive workshops in Yass and Bega.