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Landcare Muster 2015

47 participants representing 30 different landcare groups and partner organisations from around the South East LLS region gathered in Braidwood on the 5th of August to discuss issues and ideas common to Landcare in the South East. It was clear that Landcare's ability to bring people together was at the heart of what is valued about the groups and networks working hard with land managers to bring about improvements to landscapes and communities.

The feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive with participants finding the muster relevant, informative, well organised and worth attending. The muster activities improved understanding of key issues facing landcare and helped to increase knowledge and skills to address those issues.  A warmer day would have given this muster a near-perfect score!

The muster was co-hosted by South East Local Land Services and three regional landcare networks: Murrumbidgee Landcare, South East Landcare and Lachlandcare. The strong turnout included representatives from each of the 13 Landcare districts in the South East LLS region and from the neighbouring Landcare ACT networks.   

David Mitchell, Chair of South East LLS joined the 2015 muster to learn more about landcare in the region and bring a South East LLS perspective to the event.  The event highlighted that landcare groups and networks are active and are working with available support and resources to deliver natural resource management, farming and community wellbeing activities locally.

Throughout the event, groups and networks were able to hear from each other and learn about how issues common to landcare around the region were being addressed in different areas. Small group discussions focussed on topics identified by the participants including: 'getting new blood into landcare', 'maintaining and sustaining landcare (including succession)', 'arrangements and requirements for the hire of landcare support staff' and 'communication within and between groups and networks'.  Additional key issues that were addressed through the day covered insurance for landcare groups and a local leadership skills session with Global Learning.

Many were keen to hear more about the NSW Government $15m election commitment to Landcare support in NSW for the next four years as this will be a welcome contribution to the make-up of Landcare support in the region.A very cold day in Braidwood was not enough to dampen the spirits of this gathering of landcare and partner representatives.

Peter Pigott
Regional Landcare Facilitator
02 4464 6014