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Bega River bamboo banished

Removal of 1.2 ha of bamboo and privet alongside the shared pathway between the Bega River and Bridge Street in the Bega River Reserve has been a momentous occasion for the township of Bega.

Bamboo removal has led to significant media and community attention. Many local residents have recounted their memories of the bamboo along the river including collecting bottles from the old tip site on the river banks, to the old house and its resident, the former campground and collecting bamboo poles for use as tomato stakes.  

Support for its removal has been overwhelmingly positive with many people indicating they are looking forward to seeing this area take shape with these invasive weeds being replaced by native plants.  Community response regarding improved river views for people using the shared pathway has also been positive, including that from attendees of Park Run, a weekly fun run attended by over 100 people in the Bega River Reserve every Saturday morning.

South East Local Land Services has coordinated these works, in partnership with Bega Valley Shire Council and the Bega River and Wetlands Landcare Group (BRAWL). The project works are part of the broader 'Bega River Bridge to Bridge project' which is a collaborative venture to improve both environmental and recreational space along the Bega River and wetlands within the township of Bega.

Bamboo in this area was an impenetrable network of roots and heavy leaf litter that was at odds to the River Oak community that occurs naturally in the area. It was removed by mechanical mulching to reduce the material to ground level. It is now being left to re-shoot before being sprayed, which may take several passes for effective control to be achieved. The entire area will be re-planted to re-introduce native plants that are typical of the River Oak community. Ongoing maintenance will be supported by local contractors, BRAWL members and the Green Army.