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Land management roadshow

December 2017/January 2018

In November and December the Southern region Sustainable Land Management (SLM) team hosted community information sessions in Batemans Bay, Bega, Berry, Cooma and Goulburn.

The aim of the sessions was to help land mangers transition into the new land management framework and understand and put to use the new opportunities that became available on August 25.

Land managers who attended the sessions were informed about the options for managing native vegetation on their properties and were provided with locally relevant examples of how the new framework works in practice. The sessions also provided a forum for discussion, questions and feedback. The sessions were well attended and were constructive, so thanks to all who came along and participated.

Some of the issues that were raised were how the framework applies to grasslands on the Monaro, interactions between local government and Local Land Services, future opportunities to conserve and enhance native vegetation through the Biodiversity Conservation Trust, and what clearing activities do not require approval.

The sessions also provided a good chance for my team to get out and hear first-hand about the issues and problems that land managers are experiencing. This will provide good context for future discussions as more people start to put the new legislation to use.

The main point that land managers took away from the information sessions was that if they were not sure about what they can do with regard to native vegetation on rural zoned land, then contact Local Land Services. If you have any questions about the new framework, or managing native vegetation on your property, please call 1300 778 080 or email