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New regional weeds committee

The new South East Regional Weed Committee set up by South East Local Land Services to tackle weed management across the region met for the first time on 2 March and more recently on the 1 June in Jerrabomberra on the outskirts of Queanbeyan.

The committee is made up of land managers and stakeholders representatives, including: local government local control authorities, community and landcare representatives, NSW Farmers, Forestry Corporation NSW, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW DPI, Water NSW, ACT Parks and Conservation Service and John Holland Rail.

The formation of Regional Weed Committees emerged following a comprehensive weeds review conducted by the Natural Resources Commission in 2014.

The review found significant differences in the effectiveness of weed management across NSW, which led to the NSW Weed Reform.

The responsibilities of South East Local Land Services were defined under the review: to deliver a regional strategic weed management plan, facilitate and coordinate regional strategic weed planning and assist with education and community outreach programs.

It's important to remember that South East Local Land Services will not take on or replace the role of local government as local control authorities in weed management.

The new committee has hit the ground running and after two meetings have formalised the committees membership, terms of reference and outlined a strategy for the development of the new Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan.

The development of the plan will reflect the practical application of the Biosecurity Act 2015 and how weeds are prioritised and managed under the General Biosecurity Duty.

A key component of the development of the plan will include land manager and stakeholders input to ensure local and regional weed priorities and management strategies are captured.

Coordination of the plan development will be led by South East Local Land Services supported by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

Further information can be found on the DPI website or by contacting Aaron Smith on 4824 1909.