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Private native forestry

From 30 April 2018, Local Land Services assumed responsibility for approvals and advice services for private native forestry as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to reform the sector.

This aligns the management of native forests on private land with other sustainable land management options by giving landholders a single point of contact for private native forestry advice, approvals and extension services.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority maintains responsibility for compliance and enforcement of private native forestry approvals and conditions of the Private Native Forestry Codes of Practice (PNF Codes).

Local Land Services and the NSW Environment Protection Authority will continue to work cooperatively to ensure consistent advice and interpretation of the requirements for private native forestry.

Private Native Forestry Landholder options flyer

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About NSW Forestry Reforms

The government is currently undertaking a major reform of the regulatory and policy frameworks governing native forestry in NSW. This includes a review and extension of the Regional Forest Agreements, new legislation, and reviews of the Integrated Forest Operations Agreements, and the PNF Codes.

Local Land Services will be leading, along with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, a comprehensive review of the PNF Codes to modernise them in line with other land management legislation and national policy standards. This will ensure they are:

  • outcomes focused
  • risk responsive
  • easier to use and access.

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On 25 August 2017, new legislative arrangements commenced for private native forestry. It should be noted that some references on the Local Land Services' website and related publications may now be outdated.

From 30 April 2018, the Local Land Services will assume responsibility for licensing and extension services for private native forestry. The NSW Environment Protection Authority will maintain responsibility for compliance and enforcement.

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